Financial Health

The financial health of Boulder City has steadily improved since America's worst financial crisis in 80 years.  Revenue growth is strong because of our ability to control our destiny.

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Our community has benefited greatly through conservative growth over the past 40 years.  We can continue to grow wisely and preserve our best assets for future generations.

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Our Future

Our future springs from our unique past.  We were granted the right to determine our future and have endeavored to insure the citizens continue to guide success to benefit all of us.

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Why I am a candidate for Mayor

As a native of Boulder City I am concerned that our town is on the verge of losing the qualities that make this such a great place to live.

Our open spaces, citizen participation and reputation are being eroded unnecessarily.  Our community is rich in history and tradition.  Those traditions have been enhanced by the gift of land provided following construction of an engineering wonder of the world.

The decisions made by citizens to use our wealth conservatively to benefit all of us has proven successful over 40 years.  Boulder City was not exempted from the Great Recession but we have recovered well.  We should continue to build our city as in the past - for our benefit.


Next Steps...

Please let me know what your ideas regarding our City and actions that are needed for the future.